Instant Access using HDMI Matrix Router

The purpose of an HDMI Matrix Switcher is to allow several high-definition sources to be switched onto one or multiple HDTVs. HDMI Router Switches are available in 4×2, 4×4, 8×8 or even 16×16 port configurations. All the switches support the latest trend in high-definition television sets, 3D. On a 4×4 HDMI Matrix, there are four […]

Using an 8X8 HDMI Matrix Switch as an Information Command Center

We recently had a customer call with a request for a new installation. They were going to be setting up an entertainment room with a combination of HDTVs and projectors. Each input had to be able to show the same image on all outputs, but they also needed to be able to display different information from different HDMI […]

Be the Master of SOHO or Enterprise Entertainment Connectivity with KVMSwitchTech’s Video Matrix Switch

You’ve got high-end electronics all over the house. Along with the satellite receiver or cable box other components are Blue-ray DVDs, high-def television sets, video camcorders, cameras and gaming consoles. Chances are you aren’t taking advantage full advantage of distributed viewing. It is possible to use a device called a video matrix switch to make […]

What exactly is a DVI Video Matrix Switch?

A DVI Matrix Switch lets you select between set number of DVI sources to DVI displays. It is very user friendly as each connection “learns” the specifications of the attached monitor. That way you don’t have to get into manually changing complicated settings. This DVI matrix does the hard part for you.

DVI Matrix […]

Inventory Your Own Equipment Before You Shop for a Video Matrix Switch Solution

Before you go searching for a video matrix solution, you need to inventory the type of equipment you plan to use. If you have access to the original equipment specifications from the vendor then that is ideal. Of course, that kind of paperwork is easily lost. One option is to look online at the vendor’s […]

DVI Matrix– DVI Video Matrix for Non Blocking hi Definition Video Switching

DVI has been the premier interface for digital video display technology for computer displays and projectors for several years. DVI has the capacity to support both analog displays and digital displays with resolutions up to FullHD 1080p. DVI-D displays are especially useful when they can be used in concert with multiple sources. A Video Matrix […]

HDMI Matrix – State of the Art Video Switching Between Multiple Inputs and Outputs

High Definition televisions and HD sources have entered the mainstream and HDMI has become king of interfaces. As device compatibility has increased, the need for more display ports has driven the need for HDMI Matrix Switch options. Though there are other ways of adding HD devices to a display, HDMI provides a simple interface for […]

Video Matrix – Display Multiple Video Inputs on Multiple Displays

Ever wonder how the bartender controls all those TVs with the different stations using a single remote? Chances are that they are using a Video Matrix Switch. Many sports bars and restaurants have a small server rack somewhere hosting a variety of equipment. One of the items you will likely find is a Video Matrix […]