4 Port UTP VGA Splitter Extender with Audio Transmitter

Description :

KVMSwitchTech's point-to-multi point real-time 4 Port UTP VGA Splitter Extender with Audio Transmitter, VGAEXTR-4A transmits high quality Video Signal and stereo audio from any VGA type of player/computer to electronic display device over UTP Cat5,Cat5e, or Cat6 cable. Broadcast up-to-the-minute information real-time VGA Video to multiple remote monitors. This High-resolution VGA splitter drives video from one computer to 4 (up to 12) remote monitor screens up to 1000 feet away via inexpensive UTP cables.

VGA Splitter Extender with Audio Receivers sold separate (Please see below)


Item Number: #VGAEXTR-4A
Price: $360.00
Sale Price: $165.00

Availability: instock


Product Features


  • Connects Computers with VGA graphics up to 13 VGA Compatible Monitors or projectors in 1U 19” panel
  • Connects Splitter and monitor by using regular CAT5/5e/6 cable
  • Allows up to 13 VGA display monitors to be connected at the same time to the same Video source
  • Simultaneous display at local and remote locations
  • Maintains highest Video resolution up to 1920 x 1440
  • Cost saving for plenum cable request application
  • VGA Amplifier Bandwidth: 250 Mhz
  • 19 inch 1U Panel mountable designed enclosure - easy to manage signal distribution thru UTP structure cabling system
  • Allows to use VGA cable to directly cascade to next splitter without lost VGA signal strength up to 3 units
  • Screw Type AC/DV power adapter to secure power connection included

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