AIM-96-US AdderLink Infinity Manager Device supports 96 End Points

Description :

The AIM-96-US A.I.M. management server is a control suite which transforms AdderLink Infinity extenders into a digital matrix solution. Using standard IP infrastructure it is possible to route any user station to any computer attached to the network without any compromises to video quality or control. AIM-96-US AdderLink Infinity Manager allows co-operative sharing of computers and the multicasting of video to any destination.


Item Number: #AIM-96-US
Price: $10195.00
Sale Price: $9685.25

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Product Features


  •  Supports 96 End Points
  • Intuitive, multi-lingual user interface
  • Multiple switching methods
  • Configurable user access rights
  • Full audit trail
  • Easy centralized management
  • Open API for 3rd party control


Open API for 3rd party control systems
Adder Technology publishes a simple API structure to allow easy integration with other 3rd Party control systems supplied by companies like AMX, Crestron , HRS or MediaLon at a HTTP level.
LDAP integration
To help ease setup, the system has an LDAP interface so users and passwords from other systems can easily be imported. 
SNMP v3 get / walk
External machines can interrogate A.I.M. to find out the status of the AdderLink Infinity network and units. SNMP v3 security is implemented, supporting AES/DES transport with MD5/SHA authentication. 
External NTP server support – NTPv4.2 
Connect up to 3 NTP servers with authenticated connections using MD5 and Key ID as defined in the NTP standards. All AdderLink Infinity units in an A.I.M. network now get time using authenticated NTP from A.I.M.
System backups
Backups of the database can be saved internally, externally or emailed automatically. Automatic updates can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
Centralized firmware upgrades
As well as managing its own firmware upgrade, A.I.M. manages the upgrade of each device on the network and can deploy firmware to hundreds of devices at the same time, meaning a system-wide upgrade takes only a few minutes.
Easy matrix setup
Using Zero Configuration networking, A.I.M. automatically obtains the MAC addresses of extender devices as they are attached to the network. The administrator allocates IP addresses, names and locations so that devices are easy to identify, configure and control.
Industrial spec server with solid state memory.
Closed system operating Linux.
Physical design
19 inch 1U rack mountable chassis in a robust metal construction. 432mm/17” (w), 44mm/1.73” (h), 230mm/9” (d), 2.75kg/6lbs.
External power IEC input unit, 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 1.5A, input to power adapter. 12VDC, 60W output.
Operating temperature
0 to 40ºC / 32 to 104ºF.

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