PC to TV Converter

Description :

This VGA to Composite Video/S-Video Converter converts any VGA System signal to PAL, NTSC or SECAM. This VGA to TV Converter system is ideal for personal entertainment or business presentations. The audio feed connects directly from your source device to your destination device. The PC audio out goes to TV audio in. This unit allows you to watch a clip from your PC on your TV.


Item Number: #AB-3800
Price: $149.00
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Product Features


  • Input- VGA resolution 1024x768 (Max)
  • Output - NTAC3.58/4.43,PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N Composite video system
  • PAL/NTSC Line conversion- 525<>625
  • PAL/NTSC Field conversion - 60<>50
  • Field memory - 2MB (16bit)



VGA; +0.7Vpp, 75%, VGA (15 pin)
NTSC/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N; NTSC3.579545MHz/PAL4.433619MHz PAL-M 3.575611 MHz/PAL-N 3.582056MHz (Color Subcarrier Frequency)
Video Output
+ 1Vpp, 75%
S-Video Output
Y=1Vpp, C=0.3Vpp, 75%
VGA Output
VGA Horizontal Frequency
31.50 KHz
PAL/NTSC Line Conversion
NTSC 525/PAL 625 Lines
PAL/NTSC Field Conversion
NTSC 60Hz/PAL-M 60Hz/PAL 50Hz
Terminals Output
Video (Composite RCA) x 1; S-Video (4 Pin minidin) x 1; VGA(15 pin))x1


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