Shinybow SB-2812 4 to 4 Composite Video Extension Booster (RCA Connector)

Description :

The SB-2812 is (4) to (4) Composite Video Amplifier (booster) used to drive signals over a long distances via RCA video connectors. This product provides amplifier signal from +0dB to +6dB via an adjustable control. This is useful for distributing signals from any video source, included higher resolution video sources to a display monitor. Video signals can be distributed up to ~1000 feet away. Perfect for Classrooms, Training, Conference Halls and Retail outlets. It works great at high resolutions. Supports (4) independent channels of Composite Video.


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Product Features


  • Adjustable gain control for each Composite Video channel.
  • Surface mount tabs provided.


4 independent Composite Video at 1 Vpp/75 ohm
4 independent Composite Video at 1 Vpp/75 ohm
Video Bandwidth
440MHz, G=+2, 320Mhz, G=+10
Setting time
10ns to 0.1%, 2V Step, G =+2
Low Distortion (SFDR) Third Order lntercept(3IP)
-66 dBc @ 20MHz, Second Harmonic -75 dBc @ 20MHz, Third Harmonic 26 dBm @ 70MHz, G=+10
Gain Flatness
0.1dB to 75 Mhz
Differential Gain Error
0.01%, Rl=150%
Differential Phase Error
0.0%, Rl=150%
4.09 in x2.83 in x1.00 in (104mm x 72mm x 25mm)
Power Consumed
100mA Maximum
Power Source
DC 12 Volts, @500mA.

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