Shinybow SB-3710 1x4 Digital/Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier Splitter

Description :

Shinybow SB-37101x4 Digital/Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier is designed to work as a splitter for Digital/Analog Audio applications. Capable of splitting a Digital/Analog Audio signal from one source to four devices with compatible inputs. A built in amplifier will boost the signal to the needed level, to prevent signal loss and Audio Distortion. The 1x4 Distribution Amplifier works with satellite and cable set-top boxes, DVD players, D-VHS players and all other equipment that is equipped with proper Audio Connections.


Item Number: #SB-3710
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Product Features


  • 1 Input Digital/Composite/Audio(RCA)
  • 4 Outputs Digital/Composite/Audio(RCA)
  • For Digital(PCM)/Composite/Stereo Audio
  • Digital Bandwidth > 110 Mhz
  • Stereo Audio Bandwidth 20Hz~60KHz.
  • Extension Distance > 50M
  • Audio Distortion < +/- 0.1db
  • Power input DC12V,@300mA ~ 500mA.


The SB-3701 also supports PCM audio.
Audio Input Connectors
3-RCA 75Ω (Al/Ar, PCM)
Audio Output Connectors
4 sets of 3-RCA 75Ω (Al/Ar, PCM)
Power Consumption
150mA (max.)
Power Supply
12VDC; 300mA~500mA
Amplifier Size
(L/W/H) 9in/5.2in/1in
Unit Weight
2.50lbs (1.3kg)