Frequently Asked Questions/ Help/Info

Question - What exactly is an HDMI Matrix and when would I need one?

Answer-HDMI Matrix enables you to switch multiple HDMI inputs like DVRs, Blue Ray, Apple TV etc to multiple HDMI LCDs, Monitors or projectors. Any of the inputs can be switched to any of the outputs or the same input can be switched to all the outputs.

Question - Why would I use a DVI-D to VGA Converter?

Answer- If you have an analog VGA monitor and you recently purchased a new system that has a DVI- D single link video connector you would need a DVI-D to VGA Converter. This active converter does the digital to analog video signal conversion. You can’t just buy the cheap DVI to VGA adapters as they only transfer analog part of DVI video signal and don’t work for most applications. We offer two types of DVI-D to VGA converts. The first unit supports video resolutions ranging from (WUXGA|1900x1200|, UXGA|1600x1200|, SXGA|1280x1024|, XGA|1024x768|, SVGA |800x600|, VGA|640x480|), and some wide screen formats. This unit does not auto-compensate so you need to specify the desired video resolution for the VGA monitor. The second unit comes with dip switches and you can set the desired video resolution at your location.

Question-The Rackmount Monitor Keyboard I purchased is too deep for my Server Rack?

Answer – We offer a wide range of Rackmount Monitor keyboard solutions ranging from standard depth to short depth. You want to make sure you check how much space is available before you order a Rackmount Monitor Keyboard combo. If space is limited or you are looking to install this is a 2 post server rack or a mobile vehicle you will most likely need a Shallow or Short depth Rackmount Keyboard Monitor.

Question - I see several HDMI products that say they support HDBaseT. What is HDBaseT?

Answer- HDBaseT is an all-in-one connectivity option for HDMI products providing 5 key features which are full Uncompressed HD video, audio, 100Bast-T Ethernet, Power over cable, and control options (PS/2, CEC, and IR). HDBaseT makes use of standard networking cables Cat5e or Cat6 to transmit the signal over distances up to 100m. The standard provides full HD video support including support for 3D while ensuring content delivery with HDCP support. It also allows modern devices such as Smart TVs to communicate to the internet without the need for a separate cable.

Question- Do you offer HDBaseT HDMI Matrix and HDMI Extender solutions?

Answer- Yes, we do. As for HDMI Extenders we offer point to point extenders that support HDBaseT and maintain 1080p video resolution up to 300ft over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable. We also offer HDMI Extender solutions with POE support (Power over Ethernet). Most of the long range HDMI Extender solutions we have also come with Multi-channel Audio, RS232, IR & 3D support. As for HDMI Matrix Switcher unit we offer 4x4 HDMI Matrix with HDBaseT and 8x8 HDMI Matrix with HDBaseT support. These units come standard with 4 or 8 receivers depending on which unit is purchased.

Question - What does KVM mean?

Answer - KVM literally means Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. KVM solutions are products that allow full system manipulation from a single set of input devices. A KVM Switch is exactly what it implies. It is a device that allows one set of a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control multiple systems through a single hardware device. The keyboard, monitor, and mouse can be independent items, or in the most efficient form they are an integrated rackmount device.

Question - Is there separate software necessary to use a KVM Switch?

Answer - No, KVM Switches are a hardware solution. KVM hardware is recognized by your server/PC like any other plug and play interface device.

Question - Do my servers/computers have to be right next to the KVM Switch?

Answer - Using a standard 3 in 1 KVM cable, the maximum distance is 33 feet. If you wish to have the servers/PCs further away from the KVM Switch there are options such as a KVM Extender or Cat5 KVM Switch.

Question - What is a video splitter and why wouldn’t I just use a Y-cable?

Answer - For some applications of very short distances a Y-cable may work, but the picture quality quickly diminishes as the cable length increases. A Video Splitter is a powered hardware device that boosts the video signal and distributes it to each display at full resolution.

Question - I need more than 9 ports on my video splitter. Do I need to buy a 16 port splitter, or can I combine an 8 port splitter with a 4 port splitter?

Answer - KVMSwitchTech’s Video Distribution Amplifier units can be cascaded through the output ports. In a situation such as this, the total number of ports available will be 11 (seven outputs on the first splitter and four outputs on the second).

Question - How far can I extend my DVI Signal?

Answer - This is actually a relatively complex question. The greatest distance possible is 3,280 feet. How you intend to extend your signal greatly impacts the distance that the signal can be transferred and the maximum resolution. There are two important aspects to this Question that must each be answered separately.

  • You must know what resolution you expect to achieve.
  • This will determine whether you need a DVI-D single link or DVI-D dual link extender.
  • You must know the distance that you are looking to transmit the signal.
  • This will determine whether you need a DVI Extender over Cat5e/Cat6 or DVI Fiber Extender units.

  • Question - What is 3D HDMI technology?

    Answer - 3D over HDMI is the next move to immersive entertainment. 3D over HDMI uses the HDMI 1.4 standard. Our 3D capable HDMI Splitter, HDMI Switch, HDMI Matrix and HDMI Extender products natively support 3D media and are High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant. So there is no fear of not being able to play your purchased media through our products. It is important to note that 3D over HDMI requires HDMI v1.3 or HDMI v1.4 cables.

    Question - What is Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer?

    Answer - Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer is a LCD display with a keyboard and touchpad/trackball mouse option. These displays fold down to store safely away when not in use and slide back into the server rack while in use. These units come in a wide range of options and use 1U or 2U of rack space.

    Question - Do you sell Rackmount Monitor solutions for 2 Post Server Racks?

    Answer - Yes, many of our Rackmount Keyboard Monitor solutions are available with special rail kits that allow them to be installed in dual post server racks. Ask your sales rep for details.

    Question - Do you sell shallow or short depth Rackmount Monitor Keyboard solutions?

    Answer - Yes, Short Depth Rackmount Monitor units are available for 17” and 19” LCDs. We offer units that are 17.3 and 18.9 inches deep. Because of the shallow depth, units with integrated KVM Switch require 2U of rack space.

    Question - Can I connect an existing KVM Switch to KVMSwitchTech’s Rackmount Monitor Keyboard combo?

    Answer – Yes, our Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer units are compatible with 3rd party KVM Switch products.

    Question - Do you sell Rackmount Monitor Keyboard units with integrated KVM Switches?

    Answer - Yes, we do offer Rackmount Monitor Keyboard units with integrated KVM Switches. These are available in multiple sizes ranging from 8 to 32 ports single user and Matrix KVM Switches. They are also available with integrated Cat5 KVM Switch and IP KVM Switches. All of these units support cascading to allow many more devices to be controlled from a single or multiple locations.

    Question - What is Rackmount Keyboard?

    Answer - Rackmount Keyboard is a keyboard with touchpad or trackball for controlling servers that are built into a 1U rack space drawer. This allows for this unit to be stowed out of the way when it is not in use so cabinet doors can be secured.

    Question - What is a Rackmount LCD?

    Answer - A Rack Mount LCD is any of a group of LCDs that are specially designed to fit in a server rack. These displays are available as 1U or 2U drawers that can be stored out of way without using excess rack space. They are also available in 6,7,8,9 and 10U form factors allowing for screen sizes as large as 23” diagonal viewing area.

    Question - What video input options are available for Rackmount LCDs?

    Answer - KVMSwitchTech offers Rackmount LCDs with Composite Video ( BNC or RCA), S-Video, VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI inputs.

    Question - Do you sell short depth Rackmount LCD products?

    Answer - Our 1U and 2U Rackmount LCD products are available in short depth formats.

    Question - Do you sell Dual Rackmount LCD products?

    Answer - We carry a wide selection of Dual Rackmount LCD units with multiple input options and protective coatings.

    Please feel free to contact one of our representatives to help you select the correct device for your applications.