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You Are Here:: Shop By Category | Video Splitters | S-Video Splitter | S-Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier, 8 Ports
S-Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier, 8 Ports

S-Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier, 8 Ports

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Description :

8 port S-Video Distribution Amplifier, AB-3706SV with analog audio distribution is designed to work as a Splitter for S-Video applications. This S-Video Splitter unit splits S-Video signal from one source to eight devices with compatible outputs. S-Video Splitter unit has a built in amplifier to boost the signal to the needed level. There is no loss of Video signal using this Video Splitter. The 8 port S-Video distribution amplifier works with satellite and cable set-top boxes, DVD players, D-VHS players and all other equipment  with S-Video connections.

Item Number: #AB-3706SV

Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $107.00


Product Features

  • Input/ Output Video signal useful the S-Video(Y/C)
  • Application with all S-Video devices and display monitors.
  • Input/Ouput terminate use the mini-din 4 pin connectors.
  • Input S-Video(Y/C)-(Mini-din 4P)
  • 8 Outputs S-Video(Y/C)-(Mini-din 4P)
  • Video Bandwidth 10 Mhz
  • Video Distortion 1.2db
  • Power input DC12V,@500mA


Type of Amplifier
8 Port S-Video Distribution Amplifier
Model number
Input-S-Video x 1
Y-out 75 0hms,1Vpp; C-out 75 0hms, 0.4Vpp
Output-S-Videox 8
Y-out 75 0hms,1Vpp; C-out 75 0hms, 0.4Vpp
Video Bandwidth
110MHz (-3dB) G = +1
Audio Frequency Respond
20Hz -20KHZ, + 0.05db.
Settling time
50 ns To 0.1%
Low power
4.4 mA / Amplifier
Low distortion
-80 dBk total harmonicˇ¨ 1 Mhz, (Rl= 100O.)
Slew Rate
1000 V/as
Gain Flatness
0.1 dB to 20MHz, Rl=150%
Differential Gain Error
0.03% , (Rl= 1k%)
Differential Phase Error
0.03%, (Rl= 1k%)
In/Out Terminal
Female min-din4p connectors.
Enclosure type
Metal case
Power Consumed
Power Source
DC 12 Volts, @300mA
6.93x3.14 x 1 inches