S-Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier with Audio and Rackmount Kit, 8 Ports

AB-3709MRM8 port Rackmount S-Video Splitter distribution amplifier with analog audio distribution is designed to work as a Splitter for S-Video and analog audio applications. This splitter unit splits S-Video and analog audio signal from one source to four devices with compatible outputs. S-Video Splitter unit has a built in amplifier to boost the Signal to the needed level. There is no loss of video signal using this Video Splitter. The eight port S-Video distribution amplifier works with satellite and cable set-top boxes, DVD players, D-VHS players and all other equipment  with proper  audio and S-Video connections.


Item Number: #AB-3709MRM
Price: $204.00
Sale Price: $138.98

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Product Features


  • Input/ Output Video signal useful the S-Video(Y/C)
  • Allows Connection of 8 destination devices.
  • Installs in seconds


Video Amplifier Bandwidth
Input Connector
1 S-Video and RCA Left & Right audio
Output Connectors
8 Sets of S-Video and RCA Left & Right audio
Power Consumption
500mA (max.)
Signal Distance to 1,000 feet
Audio Frequency Response
20Hz - 20KHz
Power Supply
12VDC; 5000mA
5.1 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches (without rack mount)