L120-S1601e CYBERVIEW 1U 20" Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Touchpad with Integrated 16 Port Combo USB and PS2 KVM Switch

Description :


L120-S1601e Cyberview Rackmount Monitor Keyboard with integrated KVM Switch is a combination of Keyboard, Video, touchpad or trackball Mouse (KVM) and KVM Switch in 1U Rack drawer. This KVM Drawer unit comes with built in KVM Switch offers users the flexibility to access multiple servers from one or multiple locations.


Item Number: #L120-S1601e
Price: $2700.00
Sale Price: $2445.00

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Product Features


  • Combo USB/PS2 and VGA input interface with KVM cable (6FT CABLES INCLUDED-QTY 16)
  • 1U Rackmount LCD Keyboard with built in KVM Switch
  • Built in keyboard, touchpad or trackball and Samsung LCD
  • Touchpad or Trackball keyboard with combo cable for USB or PS2 and VGA 15 Pin HD video
  • Multiple Keyboard language selections
  • Enhanced aesthetics with new molded front panel and two point lock
  • Adjustable Mounting brackets for various rack depths
  • Slide rails with fixed positions to prevent drawer movement when typing
  • Optional mounting hardware available for two post Telco style racks
  • 104 key notepad Keyboard with full numerical pad
  • One Man installation slides for easy, quick installation
  • Multi lingual on screen display menu
  • 12, 24 and 48 volt DC power options available


Rackmount LCD Keyboard with KVM Switch

  • Cascade KVM Switches to control up to 128 servers
  • High Video Quality - Up To 1920X1440, Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • Built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boots up process
  • Name servers up to 16 characters long
  • Scan Mode – Monitor servers at intervals 5 to 99 seconds
  • Password protection
  • Multi-platform support enables users to mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBMs, HPs, Compaq and Dell Servers

Integrated KVM Switch Options

  • PS2 KVM Switch, USB KVM Switch, Cat5e/Cat6 KVM Switch, IP KVM Switch and Matrix KVM Switch
  • Mix DVI-USB, VGA-USB, VGA-PS2 Servers
  • Rackmount LCD Keyboard with integrated KVM Switch offers Multi-Platform switching capability
  • Cost efficient Combo KVM integration
  • Secure remote user access (KVM Switch with TCP/IP Functionality)

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