RC4 Remote Keypad for use with AV4PRO-DVI and CCS4USB

Description :


The optional RC4-8P8C remote control unit can be used to provide direct push button access to any channel from your desktop. The RC4-8P8C remote control is supplied with a 10 foot cable that is used to link with the OPTIONS port on the rear panel of the unit.


Item Number: #RC4-8P8C
Price: $245.00
Sale Price: $220.50

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Product Features



Adder products which currently support the RC4-8P8C are:
  • AdderView PRO 4 Port DVI
  • AdderView PRO 4 Port DVI Dual
  • AdderView PRO 4 Port DVI Triple
  • AdderView PRO 4 Port DVI Quad
  • Command Control Switch - CCS4USB

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