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Component video with audio or VGA with Audio to HDMI Scaler

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Description :


KVMSwitchTech's SCA-CMPVGA-HD Component Video (YPbPr) or VGA Video to HDMI converter box transforms HD component video YPbPr and Audio R/L to HDMI output. It enables the connection of devices with YPbPr output, e.g. PSP, PS2, Wii, XBOX, STB, DVD, Player, Projector, etc. to HDTV, offering you perfect view when you watch movies or play games. If you have a PC or Laptop with VGA output, or you have a device like PSP, DVD, Wii, or X-box with Component Output, and you wish to connect it to an HDTV, then SCA-CMPVGA-HD VGA and component to HDMI scaler is your best solution. The SCA-CMPVGA-HD unit has high-quality chip set that performs real scaler function. It will up-scale a standard analog VGA signal (with audio) or Component Video (with audio) to a single HDMI output with embedded digital audio (stereo). The output is selected between either 720p or 1080p to avoid compatibility problem. Compliant with HDMI 1.3b and HDCP. You can have both VGA and Component connected at the same time and switch between the two.


Product Features


  • SCA-CMPVGA-HD is a VGA (with audio) to HDMI Scaler and Component (with audio) to HDMI scaler all in one box
  • Up-scale PC VGA or Component Video (YPbPr) signal to standard HDMI
  • Plug-n-play. So Software is needed
  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3b and HDCP
  • Compared with VGA to HDMI converter without scaler, the advantage of SCA-CMPVGA-HD is it works with all brands and models of PCs and HDTVs. There is no resolution compatibility problem and users need not set the resolution of PC and HDTV
    • Input: 1x VGA stereo audio, 1x Component Video (YPbPr) with stereo audio
    • Output: 1x HDMI
    • VGA and Component to HDMI Scaler is with real scaler function, and the output resolution is switchable between 720p and 1080p to avoid capability problems


Supports adjust phase position, underscan, overscan, automatically.
Resolutions supported
  • 640x480 (60Hz)
  • 800x600 (60Hz)
  • 1024x768 (60Hz)
  • 1280x720 (60Hz)
  • 1280x768 (60Hz)
  • 1280x960 (60Hz)
  • 1280x1024 (60Hz)
  • 1360x768 (60Hz)
  • 1366x768 (60Hz)
  • 1400x1050 (60Hz)
  • 1440x900 (60Hz)
  • 1600x900 (60Hz)
  • 1680x1050 (60Hz)
  • 1920x1080 (60Hz)
Supports CVBS Input
Supports YPbPr Input Resolutions
Supports automatic signal and mode detect
  • 480i@60Hz
  • 480p@60Hz
  • 576i@50Hz
  • 576p@50Hz
  • 720p@50/60Hz
  • 1080i@50/60Hz
  • 1080p@50/60Hz
DDC Signal
TMDS Signal
HDMl Output Resolutions
720p@50/60Hz, 1080p@50/60Hz
Power Consumption
Dimensions (LxWxH)
7.3 x 3.35 x 1 in (18.5x8.5x2.5 cm)


Sam Smith - General Dynamics

We were looking for a 1U 19" Rackmount LCD Keyboard console for our Flight Simulation System. KVMSwitchTech promptly responded to all our questions. We purchased several NRKD-KVM-19 Rackmount Console units from them and are very happy with the performance. Keep up the good work.

Melvin Parker - L3 Communications

KVMSwitchTech helped us with a 1080p Rackmount Console with integrated 8 Port USB KVM Switch for our CNC Machines. The product works great and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend this Company.

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