DDX30-US AdderView DDX30 Digital Matrix Switch. 30 port, flexible switch with 7 user ports and 23 flex ports

Description :

The DDX30-US AdderView DDX30 is a new breed of high performance KVM Matrix that provides powerful functionality inside a small, compact form factor. Featuring Adder’s trusted lossless KVM extension technology with flexi-port switching capability, DDX30-US enables multiple users to access multiple computers located safely and securely inside your server room. 

DDX30-US AdderView DDX30 Digital Matrix Switch. 30 port

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Product Features


  • 7 fixed user ports, 23 configurable ports
  • Multi-view thumbnail on-screen display
  • Lossless HD video in real-time
  • Extension distance of up to 50m from switch to user console
  • USB for Keyboard & Mouse
  • 'Zero U' DVI and DisplayPort Computer Access Modules (CAMs) available


System connections
30 x 8p8c ports for computer and user connections (7 front panel ports are dedicated for users). 
Maximum of 23 computer connections, minimum of 1 computer.
Maximum of 29 user connections, minimum of 7 users.
Peripheral connections
1 x 8p8c for 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection. 1 x 9way D-type RS232 options port.
2 x locking 3-pin jack (1 x power adapter included), 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.7A, input to power adapter, 12VDC 18W output from power adapter.
Physical design 
Compact case, robust metal construction. Designed for 19 inch rack mounting:
435mm/17.13” (w), 31mm/1.22” (h), 160mm/6.3” (d), 1.9kg/4.2lbs. 
Operating temperature 
0 to 40ºC / 32 to 104ºF.
Local client requirements
Any of the following:

Internet Explorer® version 10 or 11.
Firefox version 24 ESR and above.
Chrome version 43.
Important extension distance details
Recommended cables are CAT7 shielded foiled twisted pairs:

Daetwyler 7702 Flexible patch cable
Daetwyler 7120 Bulk cable


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