HDMI Extender over single Cat5e/6 cable 3D Ready with Infra Red and RS232 control up to 330ft

Description :

HDMI Extender over Cat5e/6 3D ready with bi-directional IR and full duplex RS232 enables users to locate their HDMI LCD, TV or projector up to 330 feet from the HDMI source. The HDMI-CATHD-300HDMI Extender kit includes transmitter and receiver unit. This 3D ready HDMI Extender is an ideal product for residential consumers, HDTV retail and show sites, blue ray player extensions, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentations, schools, and corporate training environments.

HDMI Extender Demo Video

Item Number: #HDMI-CATHD-300
Price: $780.00
Sale Price: $495.00

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Product Features


  • Extend HDMI Signals up to 330 feet over one Cat5/5e/6 cable with bi-directional IR and full duplex RS232 ports
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K and Blu-ray 1080/60p
  • Works with monitors,projectors,HDTV,DVD-players and flat panels
  • Transmit and receive HDMI with bi-directional IR and full duplex RS232 signal on one Cat5e/6 cable
  • RS232 works with scanners and touch screen controls
  • Support all RS232 baud rates up to 115 kbps
  • Supports frequency IR 39KHz
  • Supports Resolutions up to 1920x1080 at any refresh rate
  • Support up to 7.1-channel surround sound audio dts-HD, Dolby TrueHD
  • 3D-Ready and HDCP compliant
  • (2) IR-IN, (2) IR-OUT, (1) DB9F to 3.5mm and (1) DB9F to 3.5mm cable included
  • Secure AC/DC power adapter with unit (Screw type connection)

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