ALPV154T 4 Way Line Powered VGA Extender to 150 meters USB Powered at Transmitter

Description :

The ALPV154T is able to take the same HD input and send it to 4 different screens connected via the ALPV150R receivers. There is a feed through port on the unit to allow a local display or you can cascade another ALAV154T so you can supply 8 screens.

To help reduce cable clutter, the ADDERLink LPV150 has been designed to be powered by a USB port on your computer. Furthermore, this power is also transmitted alongside the video over the CATx cable, in turn powering your receiver unit.


Item Number: #ALPV154T
Price: $365.00
Sale Price: $328.50

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Product Features



Video Resolutions
Maximum of 1920x1200@60Hz
Extension Distance
150 meters at 1920 x1080@60Hz
Max cable skew allowed
25ns over maximum cable length. Recommend low skew cables over 50 meters (see manual)
O/S Compatibility
Operating system independent
USB Type A ,15 pin VGA and one RJ45 port. (ALPV150P) 2 x 15 pin VGA, 4 x RJ45, 1 x power, 1 x 4P4C RS232. (ALPV154T)
LPV 150P USB powered (Max 500mA @5V) 
LPV154T 5V @ 2.5A, power unit provided
High impact injection moulding 45mm (w), 63 mm (l), 21mm (d) - excluding cables
High impact injection moulding 45mm (w), 63 mm (l), 21mm (d) - excluding cables
Steel enclosure: 100mm (w), 100 mm (l), 25mm (d)
Operating temperature
0-40 deg C
Optional Accessories
ALPV150R: Adder line powered VGA Extender receiver unit;
ALAV-RMK-FASCIA: Rack mount fascia plate;
ALAV-RMK-CHASSIS: 19" rack mount chassis 


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