RP117-DVI Cyberview 1U 17" DVI Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawer

Description :

Austin Hughes RP117-DVI Cyberview 1U 17" Rackmount LCD, also referred to as 1U LCD is a flip up monitor in 1U Drawer. This Rack LCD unit saves space for your Rack environment. These LCDs support simple plug and play functionality and do not require any additional software. This RP117-DVI, TFT Rackmount LCD Monitor allows for viewing and monitoring of data even through closed glass doors. 1U rack mount LCD monitor units come with an industrial grade LCD panel.


Item Number: #RP117-DVI
Price: $913.00
Sale Price: $652.00

Availability: instock


Product Features


  • Sliding LCD allowing LCD to remain open even when the Rack door is closed
  • "One Man" installation slides for easy quick installation
  • Enhanced aesthetic with new molded front panel and two point lock
  • 1U Rackmount LCD Drawer with 17" LCD
  • Quad display optional
  • Touch screen optional
  • 12V, 24V and 48V DC power options available
  • AV + BNC, Audio and DVI-D options available

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