NS119-S801b Cyberview 1U 19" Solaris Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer with 8 Port USB KVM Switch Trackball

Description :

Austin Hughes NS119-S801b Cyberview is new aesthetically enhanced 1U 19" Solaris Rackmount Monitor with 8 port USB KVM Switch is a combination of USB Keyboard, Video and trackball mouse (KVM) in 1U drawer. This SUN Solaris Rack mount LCD keyboard drawer with KVM Switch is a cost effective solution and supports native sun resolution 1152 x 900. These SUN Rackmount Keyboard LCD units are used for a Wide range of government, military, surveillance and commercial applications.

Item Number: #NS119-S801b
Price: $2050.00
Sale Price: $1907.00

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Product Features


  • 1U Solaris Rackmount Monitor Keyboard with KVM Switch combo
  • Supports SUN/SOLARIS keys including stop, paste, compose, cut
  • US and UK Keyboard language selections
  • Touchpad or trackball mouse options
  • Enhanced aesthetics with new molded front panel and two point lock
  • Slide rails with fixed positions to prevent drawer movement when typing

Solaris Rack Monitor with USB KVM Switch

  • Cascade KVM Switches to control up to 128 servers
  • Built-in Microprocessor emulation for each port boots up process
  • Name servers up to 16 characters long
  • Scan Mode – Monitor Servers at intervals 5 to 99 seconds
  • Password protection
  • Multi-platform support enables users to mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBMs, HPs, Compaq and Dell Servers

Integrated KVM Switch Options

  • PS2 KVM Switch, USB KVM Switch, Cat5e/Cat6 KVM Switch, IP KVM Switch and Matrix KVM Switch
  • Rackmount Keyboard with integrated KVM Switch offers Multi-Platform switching capability
  • Cost efficient Combo KVM integration
  • Secure remote user access (KVM Switch with TCP/IP Functionality)

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